Ghost Tours

Ghost Tours


Discover stories of blood, guts and torture in this theatrical ghost tour of the city which will leave you screaming for more!


Southampton Ghost Tour Unlocked (Includes access to the vaults)


The evening begins outside Tudor House where you will be greeted by our ghoulish guide who will lead you around the dimly lit old parts of the city sharing its many secrets and stories of death, plots, trials and treason. But who.....or what will be waiting just around the corner!


You’ll be taken underground where you will discover the dark and chilling Medieval vaults and encounters their ghostly residents.....its not for the faint hearted!


During the tour you will encounter notorious ghosts including Sir John Dawtrey, Ellen Wren and you will come face to face with the ghosts of the Blitz in a stunning and atmospheric step back in time to the 1940's.


And if you survive, you’ll hear hellish accounts of witchcraft excecutions, failed plots and so much more!


The tour features live actors, plenty of scares and blood curdling accounts.......are you brave enough?


Southampton Ghost Tours is operated by Supernatural Tours and Events in association with See Southampton.


Southampton Ghost Tours is the city’s number one ghost tour. We are available for private events and our public ghost tours run monthly.


Private and Corporate Tours


We are available for private and corporate events and tours. The events are a perfect choice for hobbie groups, groups, companies and many more.


We can also cater the tour to your needs.


Get in touch for further information.





Here's all you need to know about the tour!


* The tour starts inside the the Titanic pub on Simnel Street

* The unlocked tour includes access to three vaults*

* Due to their historic nature, access to the vaults is restricted

* Our tours take place in all weathers

* We recommend booking in advance

* The tour runs for approximately 75-90 minutes

* The tours are rated PG


The tour includes stops outside Tudor House, Merchants Hall, Westgate, Merchants House and many more.

* Vault access is dependant on availability and can not be guaranteed.



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